AppleTV + will adapt “Silo”: what is this SF work by Hugh Howey?

After Foundation of Isaac Asimov, the SVOD service of Apple is embarking on the adaptation of a new work of science fiction: Silo.

The era is in the adaptation of great works of SF literature. We know, for example, that a good part of Octavia Butler’s novels could be entitled to a television version In the coming years. In addition, AppleTV + should soon broadcast its adaptation of Foundation, the iconic saga of Isaac Asimov. The same SVOD service just announced, on May 20, 2021, that he will carry the post-apocalyptic and dystopian trilogy of Hugh Howey in the TV series.

This is not the first time that this literary trilogy has interested the screen. The production company 20th Century Fox had put an option, in 2011, by mobilizing Ridley Scott on the project; then AMC acquired the rights in 2018. It is not impossible that the project will finally materialize, given that the order for the episodes has officially been placed.

Hugh Howey specified on Twitter to be involved in this adaptation for 2 years in secret, that all the episodes have already been written, that the casting is finalized, and that the shooting starts this summer.

A future buried underground

The trilogy Silo is post-apocalyptic: after cataclysmic events, the air on Earth has become unbreathable. Mankind has survived – in handfuls of thousands – but they are forced to live in an underground silo consisting of 144 floors. The ideal is not to be claustrophobic. The only contact these humans have with the outside world: giant screens that show, via images of the devastated Earth. This is where Silo also becomes dystopian, because in this silo everything is controlled and repressed by a totalitarian regime. There are strange disappearances.

Anyone breaking the law is doomed to go clean the cameras filming the outside … which is like being thrown outside, where the air is supposed to be toxic. It is therefore a death sentence. Obviously, the lie about how the silo works and the outside world is everywhere, and that’s what some characters will try to figure out.

The Silo trilogy. // Source: Pocket Book

In addition to having become a major work of science fiction, the saga Silo has experienced a full-fledged publishing history. Initially, Hugh Howey had self-published, self-published via Amazon, the first two episodes. The success turned out to be enormous, so much so that Hugh Howey decided to write the following episodes, then to consolidate the first five episodes into one (big) novel. A year later, the author signed with the Simon & Schuster publishing house, allowing the book to meet with ever greater success, including internationally.

In France, the entire saga has been available in the Pocket Book since 2016:

  • Silo, first volume.
  • Silo Origins, second volume and prequel.
  • Silo Generations, third volume and continuation of the first volume.

What do we know about the AppleTV + series?

The adaptation by AppleTV + will be piloted by Graham Yost (the creator of Justified) to the screenplay, and Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game, Passengers, Defend Jacob) to the realization. Actress Rebecca Ferguson will play Juliette Nichols, an engineer, mayor of Silo No.18, who will break all the rules of this totalitarian regime.

The order is currently based on a first season of 10 episodes. No broadcast date has been communicated, but filming begins, as announced by Hugh Howey, this summer.

AppleTV + is Apple’s new subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform: it’s available for one year when you purchase an Apple product. The subscription costs otherwise 4.99 euros per month.


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