For Huawei, its exclusion from 5G “is bad news for anyone with a smartphone”

Huawei’s exclusion from the 5G network in the UK has sparked a host of comments. Huawei believes London is shooting itself in the foot, while Nokia and Ericsson have made it known that they are ready to follow suit. In the USA and China too, reactions have been heard.

The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. Huawei is learning it the hard way in the United Kingdom: while the Chinese equipment manufacturer was to participate a little in the establishment of the future 5G network across the Channel, he discovered on July 14 that London no longer wants from him. The country will call on other suppliers, especially European ones. And, of course, Nokia and Ericsson were quick to report their availability.

« We have the capacity and expertise to replace all Huawei hardware in UK networks at scale and speed, and we stand ready to support the implementation of the UK government’s decision with minimal impact on UK networks. people who use our customers’ networks », said Nokia UK boss Cormac Whelan.

Nokia 5G
If they are considered less efficient than Huawei in the field of 5G, Nokia and Ericsson nevertheless have a respectable technological base. // Source: Nokia

Same story with Ericsson: “ We are ready to work with UK operators to meet their schedule, without disrupting customers », let know Arun Bansal, the manager in charge of the Europe and Latin America zones within the Swedish group. Nokia as Ericsson are already established in the UK and both are already working on 5G in the country.

A replacement over several years

The replacement of Huawei will not be done with the snap of a finger: if the ban on purchasing Huawei equipment is effective from January 1, 2021, in nearly five months (but the effects should be felt from now, because operators no longer have much interest in acquiring equipment if it has to be removed later), the withdrawal of the devices already in place will be spread over seven and a half years.

London leaves operators until December 31, 2027 to clean their entire network of any 5G equipment.

Officially, the country has taken a different tack as it observes the effects of US sanctions on Huawei in terms of supply. The British intelligence services consider that it is no longer possible to guarantee the reliability of the production line and, therefore, the security of Huawei’s equipment. Under these conditions, it was decided to dismiss the Chinese group.

Other considerations, however, may have weighed in the balance: the risk of espionage from China via Huawei first, even if operations in cyberspace may very well also involve third-party equipment, such as those from Nokia or Ericsson. The economy between the two parties then, which is not in line with London’s expectations. And the Hong Kong case, finally, which undermines their relations.

Contrasting reactions after the London decision

Obviously annoyed, Huawei judged that this retreat ” is bad news for anyone with a smartphone in the UK “. The equipment manufacturer believes that the country is placing itself in a situation that could lead it to the emergency lane of the digital highway, widen the digital divide and increase the population’s telephone bill. For Huawei, this decision is ” politicized ».

mike pompeo
US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo hailed the British move. // Source: Gage Skidmore

Abroad, the London decision has also been observed and commented on. On Twitter, Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, judged her « disappointing and wrong “. He believes that it is no longer at all certain that the country ” can provide an open, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for businesses in other countries “. And already, voices are raised for retaliation.

Across the Channel on the other hand, these are compliments that have reached the ears of the United Kingdom. Also commenting on the news on Twitter, Mike Pompeo, the head of US diplomacy, said that ” Advances transatlantic security in the 5G era while protecting citizen privacy, national security and the values ​​of the free world ».

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