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Are you looking for wireless headphones? It is true that the offer is plethoric and that it can be difficult to decide, but here is an offer that should help you take the plunge. From February 22 to 26, E.Leclerc is offering a shock offer on its Linkster wireless headphones, which go down to €7.90! To not miss anything of the offer, follow the guide, we explain everything to you.

At the end of February, the E.Leclerc brand is shaking up the competition by offering its Linkster OE-123 wireless headphones for less than €8. Unheard of on the market until now!

Discover the Linkster OE-123 black wireless headphones!

A complete technical sheet for a small price

At such a ridiculous price, one would expect the Linkster OE-123 to be a pale imitation of more expensive models, but that’s not the case. For 7.90 € we find a lot of features but above all a autonomy impressive. A full charge of the headphones (which takes about 1h40) will give you 3h50 of listening time which can be extended thanks to the case which will offer 3 additional charges for a total of 14h. Once again, unheard of in this price range. To check the battery level, 4 small LEDs invite themselves to the front and will inform you of the remaining autonomy.

For the features, we find touch controls allowing you to pause the music, but also to take calls without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. So that they can adapt to all morphologies ear plugs, 3 different types of earmolds are included. Next to that, there is of course a charging cable.

The E.Leclerc event offer

Available in 2 colors, black Where White, the Linkster wireless earphones are available in store from today until February 26. It will also be possible to purchase it via the E.Leclerc website and then by choosing your delivery option: in-store pick-up, pick-up point or home delivery. Linkster being a brand affiliated with the E.Leclerc group, a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labor) is also included. So, what are you waiting for to jump on the occasion?

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