The prettiest Magic Keyboard will no longer be on sale soon

They cost $ 24 more to look fancy. Space Gray Magic Keyboard will no longer be on sale soon.

Apple still has some « in the limit of the available stock ». Amazon announces a “temporary out of stock” and sells only copies, Darty still has a few units. Baker announces already the total break. And it is the specialist in consumer electronics who is right: Apple has confirmed by the small mention of stocks the end of its Magic Keyboard in Space Gray – Space Gray color in good French. Like the iMac Pro, which was the only standalone Mac in the color of these accessories, the Space Gray Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad will fade away as customers upgrade to this color that may become a collector.

Originally, Apple had indeed released this accessory color to marry them with the iMac Pro, also released in this color. The manufacturer had taken the opportunity for a sleight of hand of which he has the secret: the silver version of the keyboard is sold for 135 €, and the space gray version was sold for 159 €. Same price increase for the Magic Trackpad. The Magic Mouse was entitled to the same treatment, but at a different price: 85 € for the classic version, 109 € for the space gray version. In other words, Apple has done well in marketer a color, like a positional good.

It’s dark, so it’s necessarily pro // Source: Apple

Color marketing

It must be said that the color space grey is often associated, at Apple, with high-end components: it is this dark aluminum that coats the iPad Pro, the late iMac Pro, but also the iPhone Pro. Impossible to judge the relevance, so much it depends on the taste of each one: from a reliable source, several people at Humanoid, the publisher of Numerama, strongly appreciate these accessories in space gray. To the point of stockpiling?

Either way, Apple hasn’t stopped this practice. The magnificent iMac M1, which revives colors more shimmering than sad shades of gray, are only available in all colors from the second price level – that’s € 1,669. Better yet: Apple has designed a whole range of accessories that will go with these new computers. Thus, keyboard, mouse, trackpad, USB-C cable and power cable of Mac M1 will be delivered in the same color as the computer.

Apple accessories sold with a blue iMac M1 // Source: Numerama screenshot

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